Covers & Enclosures

Replacement Spa Covers.

Stock of spa covers are limited, we do have various sizes available through our online shop.

for all other size requiremnts, we are not currently taking any orders for replacement covers due to the high volume of manufacturing backlog which far exceeds acceptable wait times.

We do expect lead times to improve soon, but without knowing even an estimated timescale, we would prefer not to place an order until we can offer some guidance on possible delivery.

Covana Automated Covers

On display at our showroom,we have the Covana Oasis model with led roof lighting and selection of screens.

The Covana is an automated Gazebo and thermal spa cover in one that rises at the turn of a key. 

The Covana comes in a range of roof styles and sizes right up to 19ft fitting a range of swim spas.

For customers who struggle with manual cover removal, the Covana is the perfect choice as everything is done at the turn of a key.

Covana produce a range of models. Call in to showroom for information.




Smartop long life covers.

The Last cover you'll ever need!

Higher thermal heat retention rating than a standard cover, longer lasting and able to withstand walking on.

Assisted lifting makes taking the cover off a breeze and with a selection of designs and colours you can customise to suit the look.

Smartop are finished in a stylish weave to complement garden accessories, giving a luxurious look for your spa.

Closed cell foam Insulation makes the Smartop impermeable to water weight gain, therefore never needing a replacement due to water ingress.

Smartop offers a more secure locking system than a standard cover. It's steel cable lock system provides safety and security from unauthorised use.

Available models in Upright, Vanish and Swim Spa compatible too.

For further details or to see the Smartop in operation, please visit the showroom.





As fully qualified electricians we are able to undertake all electrical works required for getting a spa electrical supply into the garden.  

Are you looking to revamp the lighting in your garden? we can help with a range of lighting options, outdoor security, Electric car points plus much more.

Our sister company Complete Electrical offer full domestic and commercial electrical works so should an electrician be required for any purpose, just give us a call.