Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

Do you love Cooking?   Would you like your BBQ to be more than just a BBQ?

Take a look at our Saffire Grills, they are a multi purpose charcoal Cooking Unit.

It can be used for cooking just like a conventional oven, using the heat deflector and the lid down, the heat can be easily controlled and gives a radiant heat to roast meats, cook pizzas, pies and all that you would do in the kitchen oven.

If you like smoked foods, there is a chip inlet for adding smoking chips onto the charcoal to add the smoked flavour to meats, fish, breads and vegetables. These are available in a variety of flavours to suit customer tastes.

All in all the Saffire Grill is a perfect All Round outdoor Cooking station.

It comes in a couple of sizes, can be sited on a base unit, or for portability comes as a in cart option.