Pre Owned Spas

Pre Owned Spas


Pre Owned Spas currenly available - 

Artesian Spas 3 person spa with lounger and upgraded led lighting. NOW SOLD


New in - Marquis Resort ultimate package with bluetooth stereo, upgraded lighting and heavy duty matching curved steps.

The spa is Tuscan Sun and teak in colour and this model is from the current style and gives High Output Therapy.

Available to view in showroom, please enquire for more details.

New in - Sundance Optima - please enquire for details.


If you are interested in a preowned spa, Please email your requirements and we will contact you when we get spas in on a priority before it goes on general sale.

Our Pre-owned spas are listed on our facebook page with pictures, description and price. Please like our page.

These spas go extremely quickly, even before they come in sometimes so please do let us know you're looking and will contact you directly before they come in.