Swim Spas

Swim Spas

A dedicated Swim Spa area in our showroom with a filled swim spa ready to try.
Whatever your Swimming level, available space or requirements, We're sure to have the right SwimSpa for you.
Top Reasons to buy a swimspa over an in ground pool
Compact Size - Ranging from 12ft up to 21ft long and only 8ft wide, a swimspa utilises less space than an inground pool, therefore not taking up a large area.
Quicker to Install - As the Swimspa comes as an entire prebuilt unit, an Install can be completed over the course of a couple of days as opposed to months with a pool, keeping cost and hassle at a minimum.
Energy Efficient - Because they're built to the same standards as spas, a swimspa will be foam insulated around the shell and will have a thermal cover retaining heat. This keeps running costs down.
Multi Purpose - As well as the swim jets and or tether for the swimming end, most Swimspas offer a great hydrotherapy seating arrangement too, therefore being able to relax and rejuvenate muscles after the swim workout. Additional Exercise equipment such as rowing kit and resistence bands may also be fitted to most models allowing the pool to be used for all round exercise.

Artesian Spas TidalFit

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Artesian offer a range of swim spas from 12ft up to 21ft with various options on swim jet styles and therapy seating.

Prices start from £13950* and additional features can be added.

All TidalFit models come with full foam insulation for efficiency and circulation pump to aid in water clarity and filtration.

Delivery prices and package dependant on access to site and features included.

Semi Sunk In

One of the best features about the Tidal fit is that it can now come ready to semi sink in to the ground  leaving just 2 feet above the ground, perfect for decking. Not available on the special edition 12ft

All of the important control gear and motors have been raised and the base built ready for the surrounding area to be backfilled.

Tidal Fit is the only Swim Spa on the market to offer this unique feature.

New Dual Temp 19ft was added to the range in the latter part of 2017, Comes in 2 parts, a 13ft swim end, then choose your spa end in various designs from 6ft to 8ft. Another unique feature that Artesian Spas provides. Added to the dual temperature range is the L shaped Tidalfit, A 14ft swim section sits alongside either a 6ft or 8ft spa, allowing for customisation, this may also be semi in-ground.




Marquis ATV

ATVjets ATVwhiteFilledMarquisATVlong

Marquis have teamed up with 6 time Ironman Dave Scott to develop a training programme for all skill levels and ages to promote health and fitness for all people, fitness levels and goals.

The ATV Aquatic Training Vessel from Marquis was launched in 2015 with innovative bowed sidelines to be more stylised than an average pool. Whether your body position is horizontal while swimming, vertical during aerobic water exercise or seated in resistance/strength workouts, the vessel area can accommodate greater space for mobility and workout freedom without kicking or banging into walls. The manufacturing process is uniquely different from any other swim spa manufacturer in that it is a bonded polymer resin, the same material of boat hulls to give ultimate strength and rigidity. It also allows for the bowed shape to be made and a perfect finish.

The Marquis ATV comes in deeper than average to allow for more resistance in the torso area when exercising. The floor is lightly textured for more stable footing and with coloured, textured steps makes for a stable entry.

The ATV is equipped with 3 dual speed pumps operating 6 high volume swim jets which are controllable for variable water flow. A swim tether is also included for greater flexibility in exercise workouts.

Once your workout is finished, sit back in one of the therapy seats and relax while the 26 therapy jets give your muscles a deep tissue massage.

The ATV is fully foam insulated for maximum efficiency and strength.

Additional features like lighting and bluetooth stereo unit  are available, and with their own manufactured matching steps it is not only a great swim spa, it will look beautiful in any landscape too.


There are Two 14ft units to choose from ATV14 Sport and ATV14 Splash.

A new 17ft ATV has also been launched recently at the International trade show in Las Vegas and got fantastic feedback.

Again it comes in 2 choices, the ATV17 Sport and the ATV17 Kona. At 60" it's deeper than the 14ft by another 5". This gives the swimmer a 53" minimum depth of water making physical therapy and other upper torso aquatic exercise even more valuable than the original ATV. Of course the extra 3ft of length offers even more swim workout space to manouvre.

New for 2018, launching this summer and new swim spa in the Vector range V150. This is a great hybrid spa with 8 seats that can all be individually controlled and with swim jets and exercise equipment, this unit can be used for both exercising and relaxing as a large family. The perfect entertaining spa for large groups. We have one on order as a display model which will be one of the first in the UK. We have photos and specification information about this model in the showroom and is also available to pre-order.



Please call into showroom or call 01386 831446 for further information about our swimspa ranges

from Artesian and Marquis.