Filter Wand

Filter Wand

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The Water-Wand is the worlds first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner.

Simply attach to a standard garden hose and it's eight pleat-separating fingers and high pressure fan nozzles quickly clean your filter.

The Water-Wand is highly effective at cleaning all swimming pool, hot tub and spa pleated filter cartridges in significantly less time, and using less water than traditional means.

The ergonomically designed soft-touch hand grip along with the on/off trigger valve, make the Water-wand well balanced, comfortable to hold, and easy to operate with no water splashing back onto you.

Unique, world first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner Makes spa cartridge cleaning quick & easy Cleans 8 Pleats at a time, with soft rubber fingers to get in between pleats. 8 x 180 degree fan nozzles to flush & clean No Splash Back, like with ordinary garden hose sprayers. Handy on/off switch Rugged design ensures years of service.

Traditionally cartridge filters have been cleaned using a standard garden hose.

This is often a long process cleaning only 1 pleat at a time, which wastes a lot of water, stretches and warps the pleats, and really only gets the surface clean.

Not throughly cleaning the filter can lead to, unnecessary power consumption over a long period of time, more frequent filter cleaning and additional maintenance of the spa water.

The fingers of the Water-Wand open the filters pleats, allowing the high pressure ‘fan blade’ water streams to thoroughly flush and clean 8 pleats at a time.

The inline valve and trigger is intuitive and easy to use, helping to save water when the Water-Wand is not in use.

The rotating hose connector ensures ease of use and prevents the Water-Wand from twisting up with the garden hose.

The Water-Wand has been designed and made to withstand harsh outdoor environments. It is made from a mixture of UV stabilized ABS and TPE plastics. The product utilizes a minimal amount of simple moving parts.

The Waterwand conserves water and uses significantly less compared to the traditional means of cartridge filter cleaning.